Planning to buy a cycle? Before you set out to buy the best cycle for girl in India, it is a good idea to know that a ladies bicycle in India is significantly different from a men’s cycle. These fundamental differences stem from the design itself and are put in place to cater to the differing riding needs of women. Nowadays, women who wish to buy the best ladies bicycle in India can look at brands offering a specific range of cycles for women, or even explore unisex models. Here, you will find a few points that explain the difference between a men’s and a women’s bike:

1.Ladies’ bikes generally have shorter stack heights as opposed to those for men. This is based on the general premise that women are on average shorter than men. However, most of these bikes can be easily adjusted for taller women as well while there are also unisex models which cater to these requirements.

2.The reach length of a ladies bike is also smaller as compared to that of a women’s bike. This again is due to the shorter torso length of women on average. If you have specific requirements, it is always a good idea to read up on the kind of specs that the bike you wish to buy, so you can make the right selection.

3.The seat or the saddle in a women’s bike is also wider at the back than that in a men’s bike. Since women have wider sit bones than men, cycle makers accommodate this with saddles that are comfortable in the back.

4.Another specific feature of ladies’ bicycles is a narrow handlebar. This too is designed with an approach that women’s shoulders are narrower than that of men and hence they need handlebars that don’t strain their shoulders. However, in MTBs, women’s bikes come with the same handlebar width as that for men to allow for ease of riding.

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