When it comes to cycling, most cyclists nowadays prefer to choose a ride which is more versatile in terms of the terrain it can cover. This is perhaps what has added to the popularity of hybrid bicycles, the bikes which combine the features of mountain, road and touring bikes to allow for more effortless riding over different types of terrain. If you are someone who is exploring the idea of buying a bicycle which can give you more in every ride, then take a look at our list of tips on how to buy a hybrid bicycle which can combine your budget with your riding style:

1. If you are looking for a hybrid bike which is light yet fast and also sturdy enough to take on some of the off road trails, then a gravel bike will be the right one for you. They have slightly wider tires for better clearance and comfortable geometry which allows for easy riding on rugged trails with ups and downs.

2. If you need the best hybrid bicycle in India which can effortlessly switch between commutes and weekend adventure rides, then get one which has features like mudguards and panniers and an easy geometry which will allow you to ride straight and in an upright position for a longer duration without affecting your posture or comfort.

3. For those who are looking for a ride which is faster and allows for comfortable touring, then get a performance bike. The frame of the bike is designed to facilitate aerodynamic riding at higher speeds with effortless ease. They are lean and also come with narrow tires for long tours.

4. When you want a hybrid bike which is capable enough for road cycling and for mountain biking, you need a sports hybrid. They tend to have no suspension in the back and hence are suitable for the tougher terrain.

5. You can choose any bike for your budget by selecting the features you want. Carbon fibre frames are the premier standard and hence also the most expensive, but aluminum frames also offer great durability for longer rides. Also explore whether you want full suspension or no suspension. Hardtail hybrids are also a budget option.

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