Cycling is certainly an activity that brings manifolds benefits. From health and wellness benefits for the individual to a cleaner and greener planet with a lower carbon footprint, we can keep on counting the advantages of cycling. And there is nothing like starting the kids off young with the best kids bicycle in India. Even better is to ride together as a family. If you have given your kids the best cycle for kids, why let them have all the fun alone? Ride out as a family, parents on their bikes, and kids on the best kids bikes. But before you do, here are some tips to ride together with your kids:

1.Plan trips to places every member of the family will enjoy: When you are planning a cycling trip for the family, make sure you choose a route and a destination which is agreed upon by everyone. Plan a route everyone will be comfortable with and start slow.

2.Chalk out the route beforehand: Make sure you don’t get caught in traffic and busy roads when you want to go on a trip with children. It is important to choose roads which are free from vehicular traffic or have dedicated cycling trails where you and your kids can ride with safety.

3.When cycling with smaller kids: If you are a family with a smaller child who is not old enough to ride their own bike on the trip, make sure you have a bike with a child carrying system, such as bucket bikes, electric cargo bikes, bike trailers, front or rear-mounted bike seats and more.

4.Get the safety gear for every member: Whatever route you plan to ride on and whatever the duration of your family bike trip, it is important that all members are adequately dressed for safety. At the top bike stores, you’ll be able to find the appropriate bike gear like safety helmets, elbow and knee pads, biking clothing, etc in adult sizes and also custom made colourful gear to go with bicycle for kids.

Make every cycling trip with family a fun one with Kross bikes. One of the leading bike companies in the country, Kross has the most stylish and attractive bikes for little kids that they can ride with ease. And with the variations in models, your kid can upgrade from one Kross Bike to the next as and when they grow up too.