Cycling is one of the healthiest activities to indulge in for kids of all ages while being great fun too. Children riding the best kids bikes have ample opportunity to have a good time, whether by themselves or in the company, and it is always good to encourage them to ride more often. But if your child is showing hesitancy towards cycling and the best cycle for kids you bought them is just standing in your yard, it might be time to do something about it. Read on to know some great tips from experts on how to encourage kids to cycle more on the best kids bicycle in India:

1.The first thing to do is find out what is holding your kid back. It could just be a fear of getting out and riding by themselves or the fear of falling, which is common in kids, especially in the younger ones. Talk to them and outline for them the many benefits of cycling they are missing by staying in! Motivate them and then work towards removing their fears.

2.You can also encourage your children to get out of their comfort zone and start cycling by being with them, at least initially. Parents can be their children’s biggest source of motivation for cycling by only spending time with them.

3.If your children are young and are hesitant about cycling because they are afraid they will fall, get them started with a balance bike with either two support wheels or a tricycle with two rear wheels. Until your children are ready to ride on their own without any support, balance bikes are best for them.

4.Get your children to start going to school on cycles. If their school is located at a reasonable distance, children can travel with their siblings or friends by riding the distance with ease. When they commute to school daily on their bike, they will be more motivated to ride the bike every day.

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