Are you planning to venture into adventure cycling and by yourself the best MTB in India to get started? Given that riding on the uneven terrains and tough trails on the best MTB bicycle in India comes with its fair share of jolts and shocks, comfortable seating is important, which makes the right choice of saddle even more important. While the best MTB brands in India do give you a pre-fitted saddle with your bike, of you are looking for something which will personalize your riding experience with greater comfort, you can look for a new saddle. Here is a guide on how to choose the best saddles for your MTB bike:

1.First, learn all about the construction of a bike saddle to make the right choice. Essentially, a bike saddle has four parts - the rails, the shell, the padding, and the cover.

(i)The rail is what provides the support for the saddle’s construction and is made from aluminium, titanium or carbon. The most durable are titanium and carbon which are also lightweight.

(ii)The shell is a basic covering for the rail and provides the shape to the saddle. It may be a thin plastic covering or a semi-rigid material.

(iii)The layer of padding which covers the shell is either made from foam, gel or any other suitable material with enough thickness. Gel padding is preferred for MTB bikes when the rider is looking at enhanced comfort during ling rides.

(iv)The cover is the last and the outer layer of the saddle. Make sure you choose a saddle with a durable cover which can withstand wear and tear and does not damage or get abraded too easily. A high-quality leather cover will be expensive but worth the expense.

2.The shape of the saddle for an MTB bike is typically narrow at the front and wider at the back. The width should be such that your sit bones, the region of your body which is in contact with the saddle when you sit on it, is comfortably accommodated. Ideal measurements then are 145 mm and above.

3.Next comes the length of the saddle. Ideally, MTB bike saddles come with longer saddles which are effective when one is climbing uphill on a mountainous trail. Women riders can also opt for shorter saddles of around 260 mm length.

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