More often than not, owing to professional and personal commitments, people miss out on an active lifestyle where they can tone their body and put in a dedicated workout. Women too face a similar problem and the lack of time is what is given as a reason by many. By taking up cycling, however, women can get in a quick cardio workout and also reap the manifold benefits that accrue from getting on a ladies bicycle in India. Read on to know the many benefits of cycling for women and how you can get fit:

1.One of the most common predicaments for the ladies is burning those calories. And there’s nothing easier and quicker than cycling on the best bicycle for girl in India for torching those calories. You can burn almost 500 calories in an hour of cycling!

2.The best thing about cycling is that you needn’t carve out a dedicated time to fit this in your workout. You can easily get on the best ladies bicycle in India and commute to places where you would earlier have taken a car or other vehicle and get your workout in the same time too.

3.Cycling is the best workout if you want to tone your body. Getting on a cycle for a ride ensures that all your major muscle groups are targeted, including the core, arms, legs, quads and the upper body. Regular cycling will benefit you with a toned and fit body in just weeks.

4.If you cycle regularly, over the long term you will also keep your joints fit. In cycling, stress is put on the knees, ankles and the spine, which gives them a good workout and keeps them in working condition.

5.With cycling, you can be heart healthy and protect yourself against a range of cardiac ailments. Cycling is a form of cardiovascular workout which women of all ages can comfortably include in their daily routine and ensure that their blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels are in check as well.

6.Cycling is also an excellent stress reliever and mood booster. The endorphins released in the body due to the working of the muscles and the physical activity act to enhance the levels of the hormones which calm the mind.

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