Initiating their kids into the world of cycling is a matter of great pride for any parent. But to ensure that your child enjoys their cycle rides every time they step out, you also need to buy them the best kids bicycle in India. If you are looking for a great bike for your child’s initial foray into cycling, here are a few things you must keep in mind:

1.First and foremost, keep in mind your child’s age when buying them their first cycle. If your kid is a toddler who is just comfortable walking by themselves, a scooter or a stroller bike is what you need to buy. These are low in height, have adequate balance and work to give the child the feel of a cycle, even if inadequately. For slightly older children, look for regular bikes offered by leading makers of the best cycle for kids. Some of these might come pre-fitted with trainer wheels for young kids which are a great way to help them learn to balance before they get started on cycling independently.

2.The right fit in a bike is extremely important to check when you are buying your child their very first cycle. Never buy a bike which is too big for your child as unfortunately, it will be quite some time before they ‘grow into it’ and until then, will face a lot of discomfort when cycling. When selecting a cycle, get your child to sit on the saddle and see if their feet reach the pedals without stretching too much. The saddle and frame height can be adjusted so if your child is in a growth spurt, look for models which will allow you to adjust the height.

3.Don’t go for overtly complicated cycles for your kids’ first one. Make sure the frame is sturdy yet lightweight so the kid is not burdened by dragging its weight. While some makers of kids’ cycles are also offering geared bikes, if your child is new to cycling, hold off on these. Kids need to get adjusted to working with the brakes first when they are new to cycling and only when they get used to these should you consider going for enhancements.

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