Did you just buy yourself the best hybrid bicycle in India and are itching to get started on a trip? We can totally feel your excitement. But you can make your ride on a hybrid bike even more convenient and comfortable with some great accessories that are now available for cyclists. Take a read at our compilation of the best accessories for hybrid bikes:

1.The first accessory and most essential one for your hybrid bike is a safety helmet for you. Now you can ditch those plain hard-hat type helmets to explore quirky and smart ones that have built-in LED lights, alarms, speakers, GPS tracker and more.

2.For on-the-move repairs which can be easily done by the rider, a smart and portable tool kit is another accessory you must include in your accessories list. From the compact ones that fit on your backpack to the ones which come in a bag easily fitted on the rack or the handlebar, there are many options you can choose from. Make sure the tool kit has an Allen wrench, a multi wrench and chain links, among others.

3.Another important spares and tool kit accessory for carrying on your hybrid bike is a patch kit. You can either carry adhesive and patches for repairing punctures on the go or even take along spare tubes which will be helpful in case you need you need to switch out the entire tube on the road and do not want to wait to take it to the repair shop.

4.A portable pump will be a great investment for an accessory for your hybrid cycle. In case the air pressure on the tires is not adequate on the road, you can prevent damage to the tires by filling them up with a portable pump. Look for one which can be easily attached to the bike frame.

5.If you like those long trips through the open landscape, a great accessory for your hybrid bike is a GPS map. You can attach it to the handlebars and continue your ride unhindered while staying on track.

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