When it comes to riding a mountain bike, no one can elude the thrill and joy that comes from taking on the tough terrain on a bike designed to withstand the challenging routes. But whether you are a beginner or a seasoned mountain biker riding the best MTB bikes in India, you will always be in need of advice to make your riding experience a great one. So, here we have some great hacks you can draw on and make your MTB ride a better one every time:

  1. Remember to ride loose: No matter if you have the best bike and your trail is an easy one. The trick to riding your MTB bike is keeping loose. Don’t get too rigid on the bike and keep your limbs loose, allowing your bike to move beneath you. This will allow you to navigate uneven terrain more smoothly. So, flare out your elbows and knees and keep your body flexible.  
  2. Maintain a steady speed: While it might seem like a good idea to vary speeds, and slow down when the trail seems too tough, do remember to maintain the momentum. Keeping the speed steady all along the trail, even speeding up when the route permits, will make it easier for you to ride out the trail without straining yourself.
  3. Learn to shift your weight: If your route involves some extreme patches with more obstacles than you can handle, you should know when to shift your weight to ride better. The direction of the trail will determine your weight shift. If moving upward and climbing the trail, keep your weight forward. Similarly, when going downslope, shift backwards to maintain traction.
  4. Don’t brake too hard or too often: While you might feel tempted to brake every time you come across an obstacles, and modify the speed, resist the urge. MTBs are designed to stand shifts in terrain and you can easily vary the speed with a gear shift rather than braking too hard. Restricting the brake usage will keep the bike from skidding and causing you harm. 
  5. Change the gears at the right time: Make the right use of all the gears on your MTB bike. Makers of the best MTB bikes in India offer different gears to help you ride better on different terrains so get familiar with each one on your bike. Anticipate the terrain and shift gears accordingly.

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