For most cyclists in urban areas, finding the right road cycle makes all the difference to their riding experience. The smooth and paved roads of the cities offer a great space for riding, whether for leisure or commute. For novices, it might seem like a simple road bike will do but there is more involved in the process of buying a road bike. Because, there are a variety of road bikes on the basis of cycling type, terrain handled, and more. Here’s a beginner’s guide to the different types of road bikes:

1.    Commuter road bike: This is the ideal bike for those who want a bike they can ride on their daily commute. These offer better comfort and features for packing, such as panniers and cycle racks, as well as wider tires for handling the road conditions better.

2.    Bikepacking road bike: As the name suggests, this category of road bikes is ideal for touring and for backpacking. It is fitted for carrying gear on the road and provides a durable ride over long distances with sturdy frame and higher spoke count in wheels.

3.    Cyclocross bike: A cyclocross road bike is one which can take on multiple terrain and is ideal for those who have to take on bumpy stretches or like to ride on difficult trails with mud, gravel, and sand. These fall into the sportier variety of road bikes with slightly wider tires and lighter frames.

4.    All-road bike: A fairly new category of road bikes, the all-road bike can take on not just the smooth and paved roads but also off road dirt and gravel stretches. They tend to have wider tires and also carriers and fenders for touring.

5.    Racing bike: For those who want the best road bikes for racing, the racing bike is it. Built for high speed riding with an aerodynamic design, the racing bike has lightweight frame and narrow tires for enabling easy speed pickups.

6.    Track bike: With a single gear, the track road bicycle is meant for riding in the tracks which are known as velodromes. Similar to standard road bikes, track bikes often have simplified brake systems for racing.

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