Are you new to MTB cycling? If you have bought yourself the best MTB bicycle in India from one of the best MTB brands in India, a few basic tips will help you enjoy every ride. Read on for the tips from experts for mountain cycling on tough terrain:

1.Know your terrain. Mountain biking does not mean that you have to ride through the mountains. Any off-road terrain is just right for riding the best mountain bicycle in India for the experience of thrill and adventure. Before you set out on a ride, make sure you know about the trail, including the distance, the obstacles and the slope. Some trails are natural but you can also explore man-made trails designed for MTB riding in your area.

2.Find your ideal riding position. The right biking position makes all the difference on your ride on an MTB bike. Since the terrain is uneven, for a beginner it can get quite challenging to navigate the bike. You can ride in a neutral position on the less difficult sections of the trail, which involves level pedals, upright seating and a slight bend of the elbows and knees with the eyes positioned ahead. For steeper and more difficult sections of the trail, opt for a ready position which involves a deep bend of the knees and elbows, with the body pushed off the saddle and the back almost parallel to the floor.

3.Adjust your seating. Depending on whether you are riding uphill or downhill, your seating on the MTB bike will vary. For climbing up slopes, adjust your seating for a slight bend of the knees and elbows. For downhill riding, drop your seat 2-3 inches from the level position to lower your centre of gravity, which will assist in downward rolling of the bike.

4.Learn to manoeuvre the brakes. While handling the brakes might appear simple in theory, for riding the best MTB cycle you will need to know a lot more than just when to hit the brakes. Get used to the brakes by slowly applying them evenly on the rear as well as on the front. Avoid sudden and fast squeezes of the bike, especially when riding at high speeds, to avoid accidents.

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