Hybrid cycles have become the go-to type for those who want to get more out of less. With features that combine the best of mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes or even other types of bikes, hybrid bikes allow riders to seamlessly navigate different types of terrain to ride for fun, fitness and commute too. Leading cycle brands now offer hybrid cycles with different specifications, and if you are keen to own one, then here are some tips to help you along:

1. Decide what will be the purpose of your hybrid bike. Laymen need to understand that there are different types of hybrid bikes, serving different needs with their combination of features. When searching for the best hybrid bicycle in India, make sure you compare the features to find the right selection for you.

2. If too many wires and cables hanging over the frame of your hybrid bike are a bother for you, then look for a bike that has internal cabling. This not only adds to the aesthetics but also keeps out tangles, especially if there are too many gears on the bike.

3. The type of frame on a hybrid bike will also determine how easily you will be able to ride it. Generally, the frame of the hybrid bike should be lighter than that of a mountain bike and heavier than a road bike. This way, they can be still smoothly ridden over the paved roads and hold their own on mountain trails also.

4. Also look into the features of a hybrid bike when selecting one. While generally, the hybrid bikes do not come with suspension, if you are buying the bike to ride on urban potholed roads or slightly gravelly path and like your comfort, then choose one with suspension. Choose gears according to your riding preferences. The braking system too should be smooth enough to give you complete control over the bike in case you need to stop suddenly.

5. Check out the accessory parts that are on the bike. Commuter hybrid bikes are generally fitted with mudguards and panniers or carrier racks that aid riders in keeping mud splatters at bay and in carrying their possessions, respectively.

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