If you are a cyclist who doesn’t want to restrict themselves to any one style of riding, then a hybrid cycle is just right for you. A typical hybrid cycle is a combination of features of a road bike, a mountain bike and a commuter bike, thus giving cyclists a versatile riding experience. For those who are new to hybrid cycles, they must be aware of the basic features of the bikes. Take a read of our compilation of the features of a hybrid bike:

1. Typically, hybrid bikes have a whole range of gears for riding on different kinds of terrain. New riders can choose from basic one or two gears on the bike to as many as 27 gears, which are meant for more experienced riders who want to ride on more adventurous terrain. Riders also have the choice of single-speed riding with bikes similarly named and allow the cyclist to cruise on smooth roads.

2. Most models of a hybrid bike will not feature suspension in them in order to make them more efficient for riding at higher speeds. This is especially ideal for riders who ride for greater durations on paved tracks and would not want a weightier ride to encumber them.

3. The best hybrid bicycle in India can offer you great durability and balance on every ride. The sturdy frames of a hybrid bicycle can easily take on the off road trails as well as the smooth city roads. These are available in aluminium, steel and carbon fibre.

4. In a hybrid bicycle, the seat is way lower than the handlebar. This allows for greater comfort on the ride. Riders can choose from handlebars which are available in drop, flat, riser and moustache style.

5. Hybrid bikes also come with accessories for commute such as panniers and carrier racks which allow the cyclists to take their essential items along on the ride. There are also a choice of other accessories such as mud guards and fenders which protect the rider against any slush and mud on the trail.

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