When buying a new MTB bicycle, apart from the frame, suspension, and brakes, the right wheel size is an important factor any buyer must consider. While most MTB bike wheels are made from aluminium and give sturdiness and comfort for riding, it is the wheel size and dimensions which make significant difference in the biking experience, especially given the tough terrains that one has to traverse. Currently, you can choose from four different wheelsets for MTBs in India. Here is an explanation of each of these types:

24-inch wheels

The smallest size of MTB wheels available at present in the market, the 24-inch wheels are finding increase popularity among riders looking for high-speed riding along short trails. These are also ideal wheel sizes for those who are exploring mountain biking for the first time as they make maneuvering the short turns at smaller radii on trails.   

26-inch wheels

Among the smaller dimensions of MTB bicycle wheels, the 26-inch wheels are quite popular for fittings in bikes which are used for high speed riding. These are quite a light option and offer great stiffness for the bike. Their smaller rotational mass makes them quite useful for speed riding on single tracks. Paired with a narrow bar, they also make for smooth turning on tracks.

27.5-inch wheels

The midway compromise between the smaller dimensions and the largest wheel dimension for the best MTB in India, the 27.5-inch wheel, also known as the 650b wheel, combines the best of high-speed riding and sturdy handling. These wheels retain lightness while imparting improved traction and rolling capacity for handling the tough mountain trails effortlessly.

29-inch wheels

The 29-inch wheelset for MTB bikes is the largest available in the market of date. Their enhanced size may impede riding at higher speeds due to larger rim size and weightier feel but they provide better grip and traction on the trail. This makes them a great option for riders who continually make trips on tough and obstacle-ridden trails by reducing the bumps experienced.

Choosing the right bike with the right wheel size makes all the difference in your mountain biking experience. Choose Kross MTB bikes which come in sizes ranging from 24, 26, 27.5 to 29 inches. Kross has many superior models in the MTB segment which you can choose for a seamless experience on the tough mountain trails. Choose from our Maximus Pro, Xceed, K 40 and Eco Bikes as well as the premium range of Kross Bikes, the Globate and Impel series with models in Steel and Alloy respectively.