Women and cycling are not words often associated together. But in recent times, more and more women are taking to cycling as a healthy option, if only in the gym. Now it is time for women to make the transition from stationary cycling to hitting the road on a mode of transport that is not only healthier for the body but also for the planet. And no matter how old you are; cycling is always a fun activity that will get you in shape and also help you become more active.

Especially since a lot of women complain about not getting enough exercise through the day on account of their rigid routines, cycling can be a great way to incorporate physical activity through ordinary means. Just ditch your car and get your biking gear out even when you need to get some grocery shopping done. The daily commute to work can become a healthy activity if you switch the motorized wheels for the bike.

Cycling can be a great boon for those who want to stay fit and shed those calories. Cycling is a great cardio workout for women of all ages and rapidly burns the fat while improving muscle coordination. It also tones the overall body much better than any other exercise and is a complete workout on its own, hence preferred by women all over the world. At the same time, cycling boosts energy, leaving you more active through the day.

As one gets older, cycling is also one of the safest activities for fitness to follow, if of course, done with the due precaution. Stick to a good speed, get all your safety gear on and choose a road that is just the right stretch with uphill and downhill patches without too many bumps and you’ll exercise your body at a pace of your choosing. Cycling is also good for keeping the joints fit as one advances in age while also keeping in check the cholesterol and blood pressure, which are two of the major concerns for women where their health is concerned.

If not for anything else, take up cycling because it is good for the planet. And Kross Bikes’ cool range of lady bikes are just the perfect accessory to get you going on your cycling effort. Choose from an extensive range of bikes especially designed for women, both amateurs and pros and get set on the road to better health, fitness and enjoyment.