Riding the best mountain bicycle in India has its own experience of thrill and adventure. But for those who are new to the sport of mountain cycling, it is crucial to get well versed in the various aspects of riding on difficult terrain. For the trail to ride the best mountain bikes has its fair share of obstacles and uneven stretches which can baffle even the most seasoned riders. If you are riding the best MTB cycle in India, keep in mind to avoid these 5 mistakes to make your rides more comfortable:

1. Placing your toes on the edge of the pedal – This is a clear rookie mistake when it comes to riding a mountain bike as it will put pressure on the leg muscles and cause discomfort. Instead, try to position the ball of your foot on the pedal axle for comfortable riding.

2. Pedalling over the obstacles – Another mistake you need to avoid when navigating the trail on your mountain bike is pedalling over the obstacles. Obstacles like roots and rocks on the trail must be sailed over as there is a chance of the pedal striking them if you push down on them.

3. Not looking ahead on the trail – When riding a mountain biking trail, not looking out ahead is another mistake that every cyclist must avoid. Riders who tend to focus on the immediate surroundings often fail to prepare for obstacles on the road ahead, which can lead to crashing.

4. Sitting on the saddle for far too long – Riding on a mountain bike is not about sitting on the saddle and pedalling on. You need to get up off the saddle to propel the bike up and also to prevent stiffness of the body muscles. You need to keep your body flexible while riding a mountain bike and sitting too much can cause your body to become used to that position.

5. Holding the handlebars in a tight grip – It might seem like a good idea to hold the handlebar in a death grip when riding on tough terrain, but believe us, you couldn’t be more wrong. It will cause your hands to become rigid and you need to be able to easily move your hands around to shift gears and brake when required.

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