Are you raring to experience the thrill of riding your first MTB bike? The best experiences are as much dependent on your skill as they are on the right choice of cycle. There are a number of brands in the country which offer MTBs for beginners and advanced professionals. But for a newbie who is taking their baby steps in mountain biking, choosing their first MTB can be a daunting task - there are far too many features and specifications to from. To help out first-time buyers of an MTB cycle, here is a guide from experts on what are the top 3 features to consider:

1. Frame: The frame of an MTB bike gives the rider stability, strength and pace when navigating the trail. The most commonly-used material for the frames of the best MTB in India is aluminium alloy which is lighter and thus, easier to handle on the obstacle-strewn path. Steel is another option which is inexpensive but heavy and is ideally recommended only if you are an experienced rider. Titanium and carbon fibres are other high-end frame materials to explore.

2. Wheel set: Standard MTB bikes come with wheel sizes ranging from 24 to 29 inches. The smallest are the 24” wheels which are designed for kids and teenagers. For adults, the most standard wheel sizes are 27.5 inch or the 29 inch. The 29-inch bikes are slower to accelerate but are far easier to ride on tough trails and over long distances. The 27.5”+ bike tires have extra width to provide better comfort and are found in the best MTB bicycle in India.

3. Suspension: The suspension of the mountain bike determines the ability of the bike to handle the terrain. One can choose from rigid, hardtail and full suspension for their MTB from the best MTB brands in India. Rigid MTB bikes usually have no suspension and fat tires to afford superior comfort and the full experience of the trail. Hardtail bikes have front suspension only which are a great choice for riding on everything except steep downhill trails. Full suspension bikes have front and rear suspension for better shock absorption and allow smoother rides.

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