If you are an avid cyclist, then getting the most out of every ride must be on your mind every time you hit the saddle. As much as you enjoy your rides, a lot depends on riding your bike correctly and in the proper manner. This is important to give you a good riding experience and also to prevent injuries, which can affect your rides. Take a read at our list of three common mistakes you must avoid when riding a bicycle:

1. Ignoring the saddle height: If you buy bicycle online and are fitting the bike on your own, don’t make the mistake of fitting the saddle at the wrong height. If the cycle saddle is at the wrong height, then it will impact your posture while riding, putting undue pressure on your muscles and even on the spine. If this is not corrected, over the long term it can even cause backaches.

2. Not carrying tools: Whether you are heading out on a long ride on your mountain cycle or just commuting to work, make sure you always have a few basic tools on you. Most riders tend to skip this part, which means that if they are stuck on the road with a puncture or a loose handlebar they didn’t check before, they will need to abandon their ride and go looking for the nearest repair shop. By taking along basic tools such as a patch kit, an multi tool with Allen wrench, screws and bolts, a mini pump, you’ll be able to get by on your own in case of minor faults. Most of these tools you can easily get for your bicycle and buy online too.

3. Ignoring bike maintenance: Owning the best bicycles isn’t everything – you need to care for them too. Several riders, especially those riding for leisure, tend to think that by merely hosing down their bicycle, they’ll be fine. But bike maintenance takes more than that. Clean the different parts of the cycle, grease it, check and manage tire pressure levels, check for tangled wires, and take them to a repair main if necessary – these and more are some of the basic bike maintenance tips to follow.

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