Mountain Bikes MTB

Tough roads demand tougher transport. Explore Kross's professionally crafted range of pro mountain bikes that will make traversing the treacherous hilly terrain easier than ever.


Kids Bikes

For the kids taking their baby steps into the world of cycling, our range of fun, sturdy and colourful bikes are the perfect partners. Explore our full range of kids' bikes here.


Ladies Bikes

Feminine in their design yet designed for strength, Kross's lady bikes are built for the new age woman. Check out our complete collection here.


Hi End Bikes

When the pros get going, Kross's hi-end bikes are their companions. Cutting edge technology, advanced specs and strength in their very construction makes our hi-end bikes the perfect partner for professional bikers. Find your perfect match here.


Roadster Bikes

Built for the ones who prefer practical designs, Kross's Roadster bikes are the preferred choice. Explore classic bikes for everyday commute in any setting in our catalogue here.