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krossThis owner's manual is a general guide for all KROSS Bikes. This is a quality product and before you start using it, we request you to please go through this manual for the purpose of various benefits that you can best derive when using it.

To expect the best performance from your KROSS bike, we resquest you to please follow simple maintenance procedures from time-to-time. You can go through the maintenance section provided in this booklet.

We hope you will enjoy the product experience Simply because "Yeh KROSS Hai Boss". Ride Safe.


safety iconGood cycling is safe cycling

Important: Ensure the rider is appropriately dressed. We strongly recommend that children should wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times when riding the bicycle. It is advisable that shoes or trainers are worn and clothes which may get tangled in the wheel or chain should be avoided.

Give way to pedestrians.

Always hold the handlebars and keep your feet on the pedals.


We weather can affect the efficiency of brakes. Speeds should therefore be reduced to a minimum and brakes should be applied well in advance of anticipated stops.

Take care to ride at a speed to suit the conditions. be particularly careful when riding on uneven surface, loose sand and grave - watch out for potholes.

Do not hang anything over the handlebars as this will impede the steering of the bicycle.

Have a sounding device, (i.e. a bell or horn) fitted to your bicycle to warn others of your approach.


maintenceIt is recommended that your child's bicycle has a regular maintenance check every six months carried out a competent cycle mechanic to ensure that it is operating in perfect running order.

Frequent inspections should be carried out to ensure that all nuts, bolts and hardware are secure and that no parts are worn or damaged.

Ensure that the brakes operate smoothly without looking or grabbing when applied. Make periodic checks for wear and tear. Worn brake blocks and damaged brake cables MUST be replaced immediately. For the best results use genuine replacement parts.

Feature Kross

american valve

American valves

American valves are much user friendly as per conventional Dunlop valves. Its solve the problem of valve leaking which is very higher in dunlop valves as pwe American valves sometimes at late night when common cycle shops closed, you can fill air from any petrol pumps where facility for American valves air filling is genrally available

american valve

Butyl Tube

Butyl is a synthetic material that is much better than latex in holding air, thus requires less fillups. It will solve the problem of leakage of air tube.

american valve

Alloy Rim

The first and most important benefit of alloy is the weight. Aluminum weighs about a third of what steel does. It makes you bike lighter so that you can ride your bike smother and faster. Alloy rims are very benficial in breaking in dry or wet condtions as per steel rims

american valve

Galvanized Brake Cable

This is speacally made cable inner and outer wires for brakes in which we have finished thesmothness problem its gives you better and smother braking efficiancy as per normally iron made wires outers

american valve

V Brake

We have used specially orderd V brake which is imporved quality as per common brake sets available in market as are using alloy rims hence we have used brake shoes specially compitable for alloy rims.

american valve

Comfortable Saddle

We are using high quality soft padded designer saddles for your comfortable ride. This will help you to let you ride long with comfort cos our all body weight is on our bums which is resting on saddle. Soft saddles keeps your blood flow smooth in near crotch area which is again a great benefit to you health.

american valve

Paint Quality

As we are the largest exporter to european countries, we are using the same quality of paint on bikes. It will bike better shine and finish. Due to standard of suitable micron of paint thickness on frame, it lasts for years and keep it safe from minor scracthes and rust.

american valve


Full ball Freewheel



8.8 grade for better fastening strength of bolts



7 Years on Frame and fork & 1 Year on Componets